Friday, March 10, 2017


 I had a traumatic experience on Saturday. I did my taxes.

 Much to my horror I discovered that I had neglected to have any federal taxes taken out of my Social Security check. I had no idea you had to. You would have thought that the person in the SS office would have mentioned it when I had my meeting to sign up last year.

 Anyway, I had to pay in. A lot. I have NEVER had to pay the IRS. I was sick about it.

 So what did I do? After writing that big check I went on a spending spree.

I am not sure why but I just had to go spend some money on myself. I can justify it by saying I supported a lot of women owned businesses in the process. As you can see, I've picked up some great new additions to the paper crafting stash.

Just in time for some major Easter card production. I am on a roll with those bunnies and chicks.


  1. For future reference that's good to know. I would've never thought that you would have to do that. After all it's your money anyway and the government has been using it all these years. Right? I like the goodies that you found on your spending spree.
    Blessings, Betsy

    1. If you get a pension from another source i.e. my teacher's pension you can be taxed on up to 85% of your SS. Booooo.....

  2. Yes, our pension $ loses 80% and we had to pay our taxes first from our SS and it is a shocker to lose that much each month but I can't imagine your shock at having to pay it all at once-ouch!!!! I get upset to think that I already paid tax on the money we earned and now we get to pay tax on it again! Gotta love gov't!!!!

  3. Annoying and frustrating for sure...but what nice things you purchased in response to that. I would have done the same. Glad you got to knit outside in the moonlight last night because it is snowing now! And a Nor'Easter forecast for next week??!!??!!

  4. A spending spree sounds fun.....paying the IRS does NOT.

  5. That is good to know! Seems like double dipping. But then I guess we were not taxed on our social security pay ins.....or were we? No wonder you felt tearful!

  6. That is EXACTLY what I would have done. LOL It looks like you bought some very nice things.

  7. Spending money on yourself is money well spent. That fact you helped women in business is even better.