Monday, March 13, 2017


 This is what happens when you send The Mister to the grocery store all by himself. He's like a kid in a candy shop when he gets into the liquor aisles.

 Along with some St Patrick's Day booze he also brought home the last bottle of Christmas hooch they had on the shelves. I'll hide it away for next year's fruitcake.

 This is what he was supposed to go get.

 Dear DIL had loaded us up with goodies on Saturday. We spent the day with the Grands and came home with a feast in the making.

 All of it was new to me but I followed her directions and it all turned out very good.

 It was all so good I forgot to take any photos of it on the plate before we gobbled it all up. Happily there is still more in the freezer for another go round in the near future.

Speaking of good things to eat, The Mister also came home with the beginnings of a garden that he is going put in again this year at his mom's house. If it weren't for this darn cold weather the baby plants would already be in the ground. Spring was off to a great start. What the heck happened?


  1. My husband is just the opposite. He always goes with a detailed list and never, ever varies from the list. Your dinner looks wonderful. I love dumplings.

  2. Everything looks super yummy!

  3. My guy gets very distracted in the groc store and often forgets what I sent him there for in the first place!

  4. LOL I stopped letting the gardener go to the grocery store years ago. The budget just can't take it. LOL As far as the weather.....tell me about it.....we went from the balmy 80's to snow on the ground in one week! Then the snow melted in a matter of a few hours. That part made me very happy.

  5. What fun thank you from the kids. Fireman sticks to the LIST! Old Firehouse rules. I love to bring home odd and unusual things. We are under several inches of snow but it is pretty and I know it wont last long so that helps. We are finally 35 miles away from Lake Michigan so we should have a real spring, without Lake Effect cold and winds until May and June. The test today is to see if we get away with no lake effect squalls. I'll be sooooo on top of the moon if we do! That bugged me so much at our old house!

  6. Bonjour
    Content de te retrouvé Je pense que vous avez beaucoup de neige.
    Je vous envoie du soleil

  7. Well, at least he got what he was supposed to get. My Dad would go to the store and get everything BUT what we really needed.

    Enjoy all the goodies!

  8. My husband is the main cook so when he sends me with a list I often have trouble. I can go and get all the regular stuff like fruit and toilet paper but when it comes to a specific kind of meat I can never find it. Maybe because I don't eat meat????