Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Good Day

 We finally had a day nice enough to get outside with the fuzzy stuff once again.

 It was my first time ever spinning the little rolags I had made way back in February when we seemed to have nice weather all the time. It was interesting. There is certainly a learning curve. It's not too bad though for a fleece I washed myself. It's always a bit wonky but that's the beauty of it I suppose.

 I also drug out the Ladybug for a good cleaning and to start a new project. I only spin commercial fiber on her. My own fleece is filthy and sheds vm like crazy. I only spin it on the old second hand wheels.

This is going to be pretty. I hope I don't ruin it.

Better yet, I had a bag of fiber to card.

 Making those little rolags is quite addicting.

I could do this all day...and I did.


  1. The color combination on your Ladybug is BEAUTIFUL! And, so is your handspun. Your handspun looks like a sunny day with intermitant clouds.

  2. LOL Welcome to my world!! ;-) I spend days on end making those little buggers. They are fun to spin from too. The whole process is totally addicting. I love how colorful yours are. I need to get to dyeing.

  3. Sounds like a most wonderful day. I really like the colors you have to spin-both roving and rolags! Glad you had a quiet day!

  4. More fog (heavy) and rain here today...even heard some thunder in the night. You've got yourself a rainbow there -- very pretty.

  5. Wool spaghetti!!! came out great !! Love the finish lady!

  6. So pretty! Your life seems so full and colorful to me. I love it, thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Wish I was sitting next to you knitting and chatting.