Wednesday, March 1, 2017


 My March card kit is here. I am not sure what to make of some of it.

 I like the stamps.

 What's not to like about bunnies and chicks.

 Coloring them was fun.

 I cut them out and made a quick card.

Hmmm.....I am not sure about this stencil stuff though. I am going to need some practice and some inspiration. The Youtube tutorials are just starting to come out for this kit so I'll be looking forward to more than a little guidance this month.

 I also want to thank sandflies for this surprise that showed up today.

I opened it before The Mister got home and do you know how hard it was for me not to touch any of it before he got to see it? There may or may not have been one of the molasses chips missing. He won't know the difference. Mmmmm....


  1. LOL The chocolate SNEAK!!!

    I think your stenciled card looks very nice. Of course, all the bunny ones are absolutely ADORABLE!

  2. I like those bunnies and chicks too! See's candy! Yum! There is one fairly close to me but I don't dare go in. I would buy it all!!

  3. You have a good handle on the card kit! Very cute. I can understand a little sampling on the goodie box....

  4. Love both cards. Almost time for peeps and jelly beans (well, all year, really) and Sees Candies are WONDERFUL. Lucky you!!

  5. Love your little bunnies, chicks and eggs. Yay for you with a chocolate surprise.

  6. Your're very good at camoflaging your mischievous deeds with the chocolates. No one would be able to notice anything was missing. I would have gone for the big white one in the corner and been caught red handed! LOL

  7. I love See's candies! love love love them. .Hard to find in Wisconsin/Illinois but not impossible! Enjoy

  8. Oh my - if those candies made themselves my way... DAve wouldn't have seen ANY of them. You are a good woman!

  9. Wow! Two fun surprises in the mail! You do a beautiful job adding color to the stamps.