Saturday, March 11, 2017

Starts and Finishes

The mini quilt is finished and on display. Not bad.

The fallish colors aren't exactly doing it for me right now though so I am already at work on a spring mini using up some of my very first paper pieces from way back when. All these little hexies were going to be a quilt. Yeah, right. In my dreams.

 While digging those out, I also decided to get to work on some projects in progress that I have been tripping over in the sewing room for years.

 On an oddball table runner of Daddio's, I am using big thread and a big needle to do some random straight line hand quilting.

 I saw some one do this on a blog years ago and I liked the results. Since I've got nothing to lose with this crazy thing I thought I would give it a try. It can't hurt. The mindless stitching is very soothing btw.

 Then there are my yo yo pillow covers.

I just realized I have been sewing them together wrong and that is why I can't get them to even out on my 12 x 12 pillow forms. I am ripping them all apart and starting over. Stay tuned.


  1. That mini quilt turned out very nice. I can see where they look like fall colors though and you want something more springy now. I also like the way you're quilting the straight lines. It is a very effective way of quilting isn't it? Have a lovely Saturday.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Love your mini quilt...and it may be Fall-ish colors, but you'll be all ready in 6 months! Mindless sewing can be very meditative.

  3. Oh my....that's a lot of yo yo's to have to rip out! I love the look of those colorful little yo yo's.

  4. Love the mini quilt and it goes so nicely on it's stand! So cute.

    Looks like your needles have been VERY busy this week.

  5. Nice work on the mini quilt finish! Yes, it will look great come Fall! I think the work you are doing on the table runner is great-I'm glad the work is soothing because it looks amazing!

  6. The mini quilt is gorgeous!

    Love all those hexi-flowers - so happy and spring-like - your patience with paper piecing amazes me.