Thursday, March 9, 2017

Seeing Red

Since I don't really do much of anything anymore I couldn't exactly strike yesterday in support of International Women's Day. Pretty much my whole life from now on is a sort of strike. I could however put on some red and go for a long walk.

The Mister and I gathered up the pups and took a stroll.

 The path leads to the Bay.

 It was a beautiful day. We don't seem to be in short supply of these.

 That's one of those pesky streams that lead to the Bay. Now it's legal to dump coal waste in it. Jeesh.

 It was one of those days where the water sparkled like diamonds. If this isn't worth fighting for I don't know what is. Greenpeace got this month's donation bucks.

 On our way home we stopped at our local mom and pop grocery that has strong ties to the LGBT community here and picked up some...ahem, necessities. Yes, that's Manischewitz back there. I like it. As soon as the Passover goodies show up in the grocery stores every spring I have to have a bottle. I've already been through one bag of coconut marshmallows from the kosher aisle.

I finished my hard day of striking by sitting in the sun and knitting. Then a nap. Life is good. At least for now. At least for this woman.


  1. I sure wish we could share in some of those sparkling days you're having. It snowed again today here. I wanted one more trip to Mandy's before they move, but the house sold in just a few days so I probably won't make it in time because of this silly back of mine. It really would have been nice to meet you in "real" life.

  2. Love your socks! Yesterday was gorgeous and today seems to be the same...but I did see snow in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow. Geesh!

  3. Your pup and pop photo is priceless!

  4. Sounds like you had a pretty perfect day.

  5. Enjoy what you can, when you can - thats my motto!

  6. Omg! How did I miss this post with the red crocs?! I love the red crocs!! You have such a beautiful area to walk in....why in the world would they dump caol waste there! Jeesh is right!

  7. I could not strike because frankly if I don't work I do not get paid. I am lucky that I have a decent paying job, not that my boss likes that he pays me more than his other therapists. I have been a therapist for 30 years and have worked for him for 10. But if I don't' work, like many women it hurts my family not my boss. Love the red crocks, Little B has had two pair of them and they make me smile.