Thursday, March 30, 2017

Been Better

 The back is still not happy and neither am I. I did manage to spend a few minutes getting the sandwhich of my table runner done. Standing up is better than sitting so I got the ironing board out and fiddled away with it.

 I made a valiant attempt at some stitching but that's for another day.

 I like my new snappy quilting frame. It came in very handy. When I am feeling better this will be something to look forward to.

Later in the day I did do a little sitting and knitting in spite of being very grouchy. The gussets are done. Now onto the foot. Tomorrow has got to be a better day.


  1. I am so sorry you're still struggling with your back. I do understand how painful it is, believe me. Your quilt is looking very beautiful as are the socks. I don't know what I would've done the past few months without my knitting to entertain me. My secret has been to recline in the chair and knit. I hope you're feeling very better very soon. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Get well soon. Your quilting lines are so perfect!

  3. Sending healing wishes your way! Your runner and socks are looking so good.

  4. As someone with lower-back problems... sitting can be murder. Lay down and stand. And walk as much as you can - because not moving is not good for it either.
    If you haven't already, get some icy gel or ice pack and ice it as much as you can stand. Some people say heat... but if the pain is caused by inflammation, heat won't help. Also, see if you can get a good over the counter pain reliever - something with a muscle relaxer AND an anti-inflammatory is ideal. I've found Robacaxacet works fairly well (not sure if you can get it in the U.S.).

    And don't push yourself... try to keep moving, but not to the point of injuring yourself further.

  5. Okay, I'm on the rosary beads for you lady!!!!!!

  6. Oh boy. That doesn't sound good at all. I've had a few back spells myself over the years and it's no fun. Take care. Your table runner is looking good and so are the socks.

  7. Boo hiss to back pain!!!!
    The quilt looks inviting-you will enjoy it soon; the knitting is probably best for now. Rest up!