Saturday, March 4, 2017


 In spite of it being quite chilly again, spring is here.

 Everything is coming back to life.

 The flowering creeping things are starting to bloom.

 The woods are where I find the prettiest crocus. Something stole my bulbs and replanted them all over the place.

Look at that. My ill fated chrysanthemum didn't really die after all. I wonder if it will survive once the humidity and heavy shade take back over. I wonder if I will. I think this summer is going to a doozey.


  1. I think you may be right about this summer! It's been so warm here this winter that nothing stopped blooming. I'm not complaining either....I'm still thawing out from my stint in the northwoods. LOL

  2. Beautiful to see your flowers springing up everywhere! We will see what happens for the Summer-you just never know!

  3. Oh my! I can't believe you have flowers everywhere. We have had such a horrible snowy and cold winter. The complete opposite of yours. I hope things moderate for you soon.

  4. Gorgeous colors. So nice to see after all the grey of winter.

  5. So envious. cannot wait to see a bloom a blossom or a shoot up here in Wisconsin. Im planning for it though. I have to find a good climber that will cover our lattice and come back year after year. Southern exposure...shouldnt be too tough to find right?

  6. See the squirrels probably TOOK your bulbs. They wanted you to have little sweet surprises on your walks in the woods. LOL

  7. The flowers that survived are beautiful. I have a chrysanthemum that is currently blooming. My other four died a slow death.