Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Planting

It wasn't a particularly nice first day of spring here but it was a bit warmer than it has been.

 We loaded the dogs up and took a ride out to a gardening center for some things to plant.

 The beds in front of the house are in terrible shape so things needed pruning and replanting.

 The layer of leaves had to be raked off first. I think we are safe to say the freezing temps are over.

 I raked while The Mister pruned. For a mild winter, we had lots of damage to the smaller shrubs.

 I knew better but I couldn't resist. Flowers don't survive long here once the trees fill in but a few pansys here and there couldn't hurt.

 I had to replant a rhododendron. My old ones are close to being goners. They got a pruning and a one year reprieve to straighten out or be dug up next spring.

 Oh, dear. The cold has damaged my camellias. They whole giant bush looks like this. Sad.

 The hostas all seem to be doing what they should. You can't kill those things with a stick. That's where I probably should be putting my money.
Happy Spring!


  1. You can NEVER go wrong with pansies!

    We had hostas at our last house. The slugs LOVED them to death (literally).

  2. I need to get going on some palnting too. Hopefully those silly birds will stay out of my hanging porch plants this year! I had quite a fight with them last year!

  3. I killed hostas. Enough said about my gardening abilities. Oh, yeah, and it's still freezing here at night. Our lake where our trailer is is still frozen solid. Suffice it to say that I'm very jealous of your photos. :-)

  4. Love pansies! A bit early up here for flowers, but Fletch planted onions yesterday!!

  5. Oh flowers! I've still got weeks to go!

    For shade plants other than hostas, you can try Lily-of-the-Valley, Coral Bells, Bergenia, Astibile, Blue Bells, Toad Lilies, and even some day lilies do well in the shade. The orange ones I have will grow anywhere!

  6. Wow, that is a beautiful Camellia!!!! I have pink, red and white; I would love one like that-guess I need to visit the nursery again, too!

  7. PS-I showed my DH how pretty your Camellia is and he said, "It's been killed! It was pink and now it's brown." sigh. What do I know. I thought you had an orange one.........lol

  8. Oh I love pansies too. I am trying not to spend much on flowers/and the like until I see what comes up at this new place!

  9. I love pansies. Im holding off here with flowers other than the Winter SOw lupine and hollyhock Im trying. Have to see how things grow in there here parts

  10. My yard is so shady that hostas and fern are about all that will grow!
    Doesn't feel like spring yet up here in the North!