Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In Stitches

 My tiny needles have been getting a work out. The mini quilt is almost done. I need to start planning another. Time to go stash diving for material.

 I've worked to the center of one of the samplers.

 I've added some green and red yarn to the knitting basket.

 I needed something mindless so I started the bottom border on this one.

These aren't stitches but I have finished the threading of the latest towel. I'm dragging my feet on this because the weaving part looks so hard. I need to get over it though. These towels aren't going to weave themselves.


  1. Everything looks so pretty! Can't wait to see your latest woven towel.

  2. Nice to see the different cross stitch projects! You will conquer the towel one 'over and under' at a time just like always!

  3. I thought knitting charts were bad but the threading of that weaving project looks even more scary!!! LOL

  4. You've been busy again!!! And, you reminded me that I really SHOULD pull out my cross stitch this week.

  5. Your stitching looks so perfect and pretty. I don't understand weaving at all so everything looks difficult to me. I know they'll be beautiful.

  6. I love all the stitching. Mindless is so relaxing for me too.