Friday, March 17, 2017

The Luck of the Irish

 Got the potatoes.

 And the cabbage. Still need the carrots. They were out of them today but promise a shipment tomorrow. Who runs out of carrots?

 The Mister brought a corned beef home. I don't eat it but I do like the way it makes the house smell all day.

 I have what I need for soda bread. I did a trial run last week and it was good.

 My March apron has been in use all month. It's one of my favorites.

 The Irish doodads are on the wreath but the wind has not been kind to them.

 I even have a new little green tea pot. I wish I had remembered to buy some Irish Breakfast tea.

I am not at all Irish but I'm still lucky today because all that work I put into the crazy cowl was not in vain. It works. It even looks better if I pull it up over my head so you can see the color work. Squeeee.....

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day.


  1. It looks like you're all set for the big day tomorrow. The cowl looks wonderful. Great job!

  2. OMG! Your cowl is amazing - gorgeous - beautiful. Your house is going to smell yummy today.

  3. Happy St. Patricks Day to you too! Looks like yoo're all set for it. The crazy cowl is so cool looking. I just love the color combination!

  4. EVERYBODY is Irish today. Éirinn go Brách

    Enjoy that Irish Soda bread AND your beautiful new cowl! It's the Irish thing to do!

  5. Oh look at you . Orange is part of the Irish flag. Love your finish lady! enjoy the irish feast. I cheated and bought fireman soda bread from Piggly wiggly. They use a malt flour and it is yummy. totally different than my family recipe but fun

  6. I used to love to decorate for Spring! Love your apron! That cowl is incredible!

  7. I am a bit Irish but did not even wear green. LOVE that cowl.