Sunday, March 5, 2017

Easy Peasy

This is face soap in progress so you can see how easy it is to make. All I do is buy a block of pre-made soap. You can get it at Micheal's, Amazon or most other craft stores. I get mine here.

No special equipment or protection is required. It's just soap. You just chop it up and melt it in the microwave. You can add whatever you want to it to make it your own. I use a lot of oatmeal, clay, essential oils and charcoal as additives.

 I add some cosmetic color mixed with a small amount of pure glycerin before pouring the melted soap into molds. These are to be shaped and then embedded to make a fancy design. I cut them up, grate them up and use a peeler to make little roll ups.

 Then I chop up a lot more of the block for the base.

 It gets melted in the microwave. It takes less than a minute.

 The chopped up pieces get sprayed with alcohol so they stick to the melted base.

 They all get arranged in the mold in several layers.

 In just a few short hours the soap mixture is ready to be pushed out of the mold and cut into bars.

Then it's wrapped and off it goes. You can use it right away.  See? Easy Peasy Pie.

Not only is it easy but it's fun to come up with different combinations of shapes and colors. It's sculpting with soap. Clean up is a breeze. Since you start with soap, you end up with soap no matter what mess you make. Nothing goes to waste.


  1. Wow! It still looks difficult to me but I find it really interesting too. It's beautiful.

  2. Love that nothing goes to waste!!! And they are lovely as always

  3. Pretty soaps and very nice on the skin.

  4. Nice tour, thanks! I love mine-it is great for washing my face at the sink morning and night!

  5. Love those swirly bits that you put in the face soap.

  6. Easy for you to say. LOL I could prolly make a mess of it.

  7. You make it look easy. If I did that I would have melted soap on the walls and ceiling. Love yours!