Tuesday, January 31, 2017


 Look what I woke up to. This is my kind of snow.

It comes and goes all day but never causes a fuss.

 We call this "conversational" snow around here.

 The air is cold but the ground is warm so you don't have to shovel.

Mother Nature does all the work so we can just sit back and marvel. This is my kind of winter.

PS to Kathy B who asked about the parrot: This is Rosie, an African Gray. I've had her since she was a hatchling. I've lost track of how long that's been but I am guessing it's been at least 25 years. We used to live near a shop that sold only birds. My mother loved birds and since she didn't drive I had to take her to the shop all the time to get seed for her birds. Mom always had a canary or a parakeet in the house.  On one trip, the owner had an aquarium full of just hatched grays and I fell in love with them. At $1500 a piece I couldn't afford the whole tank but I did come home with one. I kept her in a heated tank and fed her with an eye dropper. I know nothing about birds-still don't but I can tell you they make terrible pets and really only belong in the wild. Having said that, Rosie-and yes she is a girl because she lays eggs from time to time, is just another of our very spoiled family members who is treated like the queen she thinks she is in her fancy cage with her cage top playground and her extremely expensive kibble and seeds. She talks and whistles and sings all day when she is not banging her bowls around for a treat. Her favorite pastime is tearing up the cardboard boxes I put in the bottom of her cage for her to play with. Thanks to my Amazon addiction I have an endless supply so Rosie and I are pretty much a match made in heaven.


  1. Rosie is beautiful.

    When I was married to my first husband, we had parrots. I never had a grey --- we had a double yellow-head amazon, a spectacled Amazon, an a lineolated parakeet that was a wild little guy named BEEPER.

    I miss having birds, but I don't miss the mess they make. Give Rosie a neck rub from one that misses their silly ways.

  2. I always had parakeets and loved the interaction with them! Bill and I wanted a parrot when we moved to FL but when we learned their age expectancy (50+ yrs), we thought it wasn't feasible for us to adopt one at our age! I think you are right about them not really being good in captivity-they are flock birds after all, but I'm sure she is happy with all her royal spoiling you give her! Give her a treat from me!

  3. OH I love Rosie! Birds are so great, their personalities shine through right away. But they are a commitment. As Dee said, give her a neck rub for me, too.

  4. We are getting the same kind of snow right now. It's very pretty.

    Rosie is beautiful. They are a lot of work though - need a lot of stimulation. Especially African Greys. They are the smartest of the parrot family. Dave's aunt has one named Gator. He was her late husband's, and Gator likes very few people. In fact, he doesn't really like Dave's aunt!

  5. Rosie is beautiful, can't believe you've had her so long!

  6. She is beautiful! And, you got more snow than we did!

  7. Your snow is beautiful. And that would be the perfect kind...the kind that doesn't have to be shoveled. :-) We still have about a foot of snow in the road in front of our house. Thank goodness I'm not going anywhere these days. I love your Rosie. She's beautiful. Our son and daughter-in-law have several cockatiels. They had a parrot but had to rehome her. She made so much noise the kids could not get to sleep at night when they were babies. Very, very vocal. Although they're messy, I do love birds and would like another one but hubby says no. So that's that!
    Blessings, Betsy

  8. Oh Conversational snow is a great term!
    Thank you thank you for the Rosie information. I think she's very cool. I have heard people don't realize how social and emotional birds are. I feel sad when I hear that someone gives up their bird because it wants their attention. I was answering shelter calls one afternoon and someone called in to ask if we would take her 17 parakeets. She said it just got out of control. Ya think? We did find a rescue that took them all

  9. As you know I'm not a fan of snow but I have to say it's very pretty in your yard. ;-) Rosie is such a cute name for your bird. Does she talk? I know very little about birds but I used to enjoy the ones at the pet store. There was a big colorful one that talked and I was fascinated with it. It's really neat that you raised her from a baby!

    1. She talks non stop and uses The Mister's voice. She is very good at mimicking whole sentences and scares me to death when I am alone thinking someone is in the house.