Sunday, January 22, 2017


 When I got to the Metro station at 7:30 I was surprised by a sea of pink. The line went on forever.

Bravo Ravelry. You got your point across but good. I really like the hats that had the tags on them from people who had donated them.

Even the mayor of DC had one on. This is a photo she tweeted after her speech.

 I have never seen such a crowd in the Metro. Everyone was singing and chanting. It was awesome.

 I had no idea where to go so I wandered around and found a corner to stand on. I didn't realize I was in the C-SPAN compound. I looked over and noticed I was standing next to Jesse Jackson. That's him in the blue hat. Golly. Van Jones from CNN was also standing there. I beat it out of that area fast. I wanted to watch the proceedings not be a part of them.

 I wandered again until I found a nice safe spot.

I found a tree to lean on right in the thick of it. There were four hours of speeches and music. My feet were killing me and we hadn't even marched yet.

 When it was time to march, Madonna fired up the crowd with Respect Yourself but there was no place to go. It was people gridlock. A girl right in front of me passed out and the only way I escaped the crowd was to follow the path made by the para-medics. There were five women doctors in the crowd that came to her aid. She was fine. Just overwhelmed in the crush of humanity.

Speaking of being crushed, the DC police were amazing today. They were kind, patient and at times hilarious. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Again not my photo, I found it on Twitter but I saw lots of this behavior from the cops on the cars.

 I met people from all over the country. I am not much of a talker but I found myself chatting it up with all kinds of folks.

Everyone wanted to know why you were there.

I was there for so many reasons-but kindness really is everything.


  1. I am so, so proud of you! I heard briefly from my SIL's and BIL that it was an amazing experience. I will find out more when I pick them up this afternoon. I watched as much as I could on MSNBC, there were pink hats everywhere! Well done my friend.

  2. Wow, good for you! I was flying from KY back to AZ all day yesterday and saw a lot of "pink hats" in the airports! So proud of the women in our nation.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you went! My family was all there, did see them? (HAHA) Seeing all of the photos from everywhere, and knowing it all happened peacefully, made me feel incredibly happy.

  4. I marched in Chicago and it was an outstanding day! I marched with my son and grandson and it was so beautiful! The sun was shining on us and the crowds, the chants, the signs - just fabulous!

  5. Truly I haven't seen this type of protests since the 60's women's marches. Sadly, they didn't accomplish the whole result back then. Maybe womxn can NOW.

    These rallies showed that there really CAN be PEACEFUL protests for a cause. May they continue until those in power ACT!

  6. Wonderful! I'm so proud of everyone who went. All the protester were so peaceful - no violence, no hate... just. "Mr. Trump, don't think you can ignore us!"The hats were amazing, and I'm loving all the clever signs that are clogging my facebook feed today.

    I'm glad you went too - to see just how many people feel as you do. You're not alone, and if you stand together the world will get better.

  7. Your crowds in DC were simply awe inspireing!! I figured it would be BIG but it was really HUGE!!! So glad you were able to get there and be a part of such a historicl event.

  8. Fantastic for you! Thank you for the marching! Im glad it was so peaceful and awesome

  9. Thanks for marching, Deb! My daughter did, too, here in Seattle. I was with you both in spirit as our choir practiced Mozart's Requiem...

  10. It was amazing! I wouldn't have wanted to be on C-Span either but seeing Jesse Jacson and Van Johnson is cool. Such an unbelievable event.

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. I envy everyone who can march! I am also grateful to people like you for giving a day of your time!