Saturday, January 7, 2017

Storm Warning

 Well, there it is folks. That's the snow that threw the nation's capital into a tizzy yesterday. I was more than disappointed. I was ready for at least a dusting. We got a sprinkle.

 I watched two episodes of the Gilmore Girls so I could get this lined hat finished for some serious snow play.

I spun it out of leftovers in the fiber bin. It was itchy so it got a soft acrylic lining that took me forever to get done. Talk about a boring project.

 It's warm. Very warm. If we ever get a real snow it will be just perfect.

It's also going to work great as my new headache hat. I find wearing a warm hat when I get one helps a lot. I look pretty silly hanging around the house in one but I can't argue with success.

I also had another ta da moment last night. I finished a dishcloth I started last September when I was dog sitting at the Grands house .

They have an AC Moore down the street so I wandered in one day, picked up some cheapo needles and some new to me brand of kitchen cotton. I have to say, the cheapo needles were better than my usual wood ones for all those knit 2 togs that I hate on the decrease side. The cotton is soft and was nice to work with but the jury is out on how if performs.
As for the snow.....we get another try tonight. Maybe we will get an inch overnight from the top end of the storm that is bringing all the misery to y'all down south this weekend-but I'm not getting my hopes up.


  1. Mandy said you guys got just a little bit of snow. Piper was disappointed there wasn't more! You guys are all welcome to some of ours. Ha ha! Love the hat. I wonder if that would help my migraines when I get them? It would be worth a shot right? The dishcloth looks really nice too. I like making that pattern. It's a popular gift for people too. Have a fun weekend and if you want more snow, I hope you get it. :-)
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Intresting idea with a hat, I will try.
    We have storm here, not so much snow but gastly wind and -20F. Not fun.

  3. We got freezing rain all night which caused the power to go out. Thank God for the fireplace. It was a bit chilly in the house this morning. It's back on now but it's now snowing pretty hard. Big flakes. If I liked snow it would be pretty. LOL I just don't like snow. I do however like that hat you made. Totally pretty and looks so warm with that lining. I need to try that cotton yarn. I'm looking for something a bit softer than the Peaches and Cream stuff.

  4. I'll be interested to hear how the new yarn for dishcloths works out. It's snowing up here right now but always hard to tell how much we'll actually get. My son just left to drive some friends to their parents' home - they've been visiting from Texas and DS says he's forgotten how to drive in snow.

  5. That's just enough *snow* to make a mess ... not enough to look pretty!

    Love your hat and it doesn't matter WHAT you look like if it WORKS!

    I still have my cheap-o metal needles from when I was a kid. They work great when knitting kitchen cotton.

  6. We haven't got much snow,either.Very disappointing!
    I can't imagine the patience that goes into a lined hat.

  7. Love your hat and the dishcloth...both cheerful colors for winter. We end up with 2-3" Thursday night and it has been snowing here steadily since 9 this morning. Cars are covered and the street too. I will hibernate today.

  8. We had to move all of our plants to escape the 30F we are expecting tonight! I would rather not share the cold from the north! lol
    The hat is so pretty-it looks so soft!

  9. We've got no snow, but it's bitter cold here. Your hat would come in really handy!

  10. I think you acrylic lining is brilliant! I must try this. We are just so dang cold here. 5 degrees out today. I didn't even go outside. I sent Fireman for the pizza after we painted the living rooms today. Usually I'll go get it, or go with, but way!

  11. I have never tried a hat when I have a headache. I think that is a brilliant idea. Love the color of yours even if it was itchy pre lining.