Monday, January 23, 2017

Saturday Surprises

 Thank you Judy S for giving me something to post about today. I came home late Saturday to find your package waiting for me and it was a most needed happy surprise. Not wanting to be a downer on such a great day, I didn't mention that Miss Mini broke down on the way home from the march. Brakes went out. On the Beltway. Scary, scary stuff. The Mister had to come rescue me once again. Just what we needed, more car drama- after the accident and now this, we are down to our last moving vehicle. Yikes. I am cursed.

Fabulous, right? I love mitts and these are special. Look at those cables.   That is one beautiful pattern. Everyone is going to want to know what it is. I know I do. Can I convince you to share in the comments? Thanks again!


  1. Those are very beautiful mitts! Lucky you! So sorry to hear about your car problems. I've been on the beltway and I would hate to break down there. Scary.

  2. I can relate to the break downs-both our vehicles are in the ward (grateful my DH can work on them but it's still a misery to do)not to mention the kitchen floor and wall and ceiling still in the throes of disarray!
    Ok, sorry.
    These mitts are beautiful and perfect timing to cheer you up-happy for you!

  3. Those mitts look so snuggly!

    Sorry to hear about the car problems. That IS scary --- hope you can get your car fixed up soon.

  4. Sorry about your car woes. They never seem to end, do they? So glad you are ok though -- the Beltway is no place to breakdown! Love those mitts. I hope Judy reveals the pattern....and the colors in the yarn are lovely.

  5. The brakes went out?!!!!! Oh God! That would be scary in the driveway let alone on the Beltway! OMG! It's nerve wracking just being on the Beltway. That's terrible! Sounds like it's time to pray to the car gods! :-O

  6. Oh man, the Beltway is bad enough when things are just fine. Hope things start going the other way soon.

    Those are lovely, cozy-looking mitts - wear them in good health!

  7. Beautiful mitts! so lovely!!!
    Glad you are ok despite car issues!

  8. So glad you like them, and it looks like they even fit! The pattern is Fetching from the Summer 2006 edition of Knitty. Glad you survived the car issue!!

  9. 1. I'm so glad you're okay. Geez. I can't even tell you to take public trans with where you live!
    2. The mitts are fabulous what a sweet gift for a sweet lady.