Friday, January 20, 2017

When a Bell Rings

 Is it just me? I feel like this was then...

...and this is now. I've been on C-SPAN all week listening to the hearings.

I need a break from all the noise. Clarence where are you when I need you? 


  1. We are in worse shape then Pottersville. There was only one real villain in that town. Now we have them everywhere in every part of the government.

  2. TURN THAT TV OFF! Create quietly, the world can go on without your supervision and you will be calmer and better able to cope with it!

  3. Yeah I'm struggling. I close it all down and then I end up looking again...
    Love your pictures in parallel :)

  4. I thought a lot about angels when I visited my mom this week. She was whispering away to them. She is weaker and I wish she'd go peacefully.