Tuesday, January 10, 2017

In the Bag

 Because of the storm (!?) we didn't get mail on Saturday. Today I hit the mother-lode of packages.

 I had something that came all the way from Canada.

 Look at this cute bag. It has a doggie news lining. The Mister was impressed.  Me too.

 It's already been filled and tucked away.

 It's in this. It ALSO arrived yesterday-from Arizona.

It's a giant project bag with lots of pockets and zippers. One zipper makes it get really, really big. It's ingenious.

I also got my new needles for my new Wandering Cat twofer socks and that the new project in the little project bag that's in the big project bag. I love it! I haven't stopped smiling all day.
Thanks so much Seajaes and Sandy!!! I love having project bags that remind me of how amazing all you blog friends are. I've got quite a beautiful collection now and I adore everyone.


  1. What fun gifts! I absolutely love the project bags that I've gotten this year. I could use a couple more! I don't think you can ever have too many project bags and yours are exceptionally cute. I love your yard and your needles too. I just started a new pair of socks today and I'm loving them. Blessings, Betsy

  2. You are welcome! One can never have enough bags.

  3. Awesome bags! Great mail day for sure.

  4. Fantastic surprises! I'm awaiting a package from Old Navy today (no dresses...) I'm super excited.

  5. I love a super Mail day! Hooray for you ! JOY! !I love side by side socks too, so now you've reminded me I can do that soon. The bags are so fun! Have you ever seen Amy Beth the Fat Squirrel's bags?

  6. Lucky you! Love the bags and they should be very handy. What is your favorite kind of needle?

  7. Now that is quite the perk! The bags are adorable! Enjoy them and your new knit!

  8. I have several project bags with the sheep yarn ball fabric. Isn't it so adorable!

    Looks like the U.S. Postal Service was very nice to you today!

  9. I am liking the looks of your loot! That two-er sock yarn is DREAMY!