Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Snow

 We finally got our first snow of the season.

We got about four inches. Enough to be pretty but not enough to be a nuisance. Perfect.

 The big drama was that I couldn't find any of my good mittens. I looked everywhere. I know I made a new pair last winter but what did I do with them? Dunno. Where are all my thrummed mittens? Dunno. I had to make do with these ratty ones. They had holes.

I did remember that I had a half finished pair left from last year in the Lopi bin but it didn't do me any good. In spite of holy mittens I did manage to get a lot of sweeping done. This was a sweepable event-no shovels needed. My favorite kind.

 After all the exercise I treated myself to some pumpkin maple scones for breakfast.

 They came from a mix. I got to use one of The Mister's newest pot holder creations.

 I would have knit the day away if it wasn't know. We took a nice walk on the wooded path as I swept. It was a lovely gray afternoon with softly falling flakes. I was in heaven. I love snow.

 The night before I had finished the latest socks. I haven't cast on any new ones yet because I ordered new needles. I love the whole two at a time thing and I want two needle sets that are exactly the same from now on. My various Knit Picks needles, while pretty, are ever so slightly different and that annoys me. I ordered some ChiaGoo Reds from Amazon. They should be here Monday.

How about some Sunday soap to finish? I made three batches of chocolate soap last week in an effort to use up the big bag of natural cocoa butter that I had bought a while back. It really is like making soap with a giant chocolate bar. I can't wait to see how these turn out. Right now the soap room smells just like brownies.


  1. I would be very tempted to take a bite out of the soap! LOL

    It's funny how we like certain needles and dislike others. I think Hiya Hiya will be the only ones I buy from now on. The FlipStix are nice, but I like the heft of HiyaHiya.

  2. Chocolate soap and scones... yummy!

  3. Nice! Maple pumpkin scones sound so good. Love your finished socks!

  4. Well you definately got more snow than we did. We only got an inch or so in some places, a dusting in others. We did however get pretty cold and with no snow cover for insulation our water lines froze! NO WATER until they thaw out and just our luck it's staying cold for a few days. Now I'm wishing we would have gotten the snow! Not a fan of winter! Those scones look so good and pup is just adorable!

  5. Well I LOVE your socks. I'll also take a scone Deb, thanks. I have to look up ChiaGOo reds. Just came from delighted Hands and she has socks going. So cute too. I cast on socks last night. know...socks socks socks. It is THERAPY for me

  6. you've got more snow than we do! And they are calling for rain in the middle of the week!

  7. Nice Socks! Isn't it funny? We're the crafters and yet have no mittens, hats or scarves?! We got more snow last night and more predicted for tonight along with freezing rain. I'm SO ready for winter to be over. We have about 3 foot in in our front yard now. Yum chocolate soap and pumpkin scones. Which should I try first. :-)

  8. I'm glad you got just the right kind of snow!
    The soap looks wonderful-I would love to be able to sniff that soap room! lol

  9. Chocolate soap? Now that sounds enticing! Our snow is all gone along with the chilly temps.