Monday, January 9, 2017

In Stitches

 You know how you feel when you come to the last episode of a series you've been binge watching? That's how I'm feeling about my stitching projects. I liked working on that little calendar so much that nothing is making me happy.

 I dug out this oldie but goody hoping it would ring my bell.

 I started it six years ago. I like it but I don't love it. I also made the rookie mistake of starting with the top border instead of the middle so it's a little awkward to work on. I've got it on my little Q Snap and it's not working so well.

Then there is this. I bought this as a reward for finishing the calendar but I didn't realize it was so big.

 It's 16 by 20" and it's huge. It barely fits on my big lap frame. I did start in the center of this one but the center is boring. I need some instant gratification. I need some color. I need some cute. I need to stop whining and just get on with it.


  1. Rosewood manor samplers have small and colourful motives -
    But you'll need to buy floss

  2. Sometimes we need to set it aside until we feel better about it! lol
    You will be stitching away in no time....

  3. You will . I know you will! maybe try a new small one like Liana says. It is so fun to get excited about a new project. Go for it

  4. Both of those will be pretty... but I understand the need for instant gratification... maybe do something like Dee does and make some ornaments?

  5. You need to do a little kitchen towel or Christmas ornament --- colorful and *almost* instant gratification!

    Then .... tackle those biggies!

  6. Maybe, like everyone is saying, do an ornament and then awhile on the bigger projects and then another ornament. You could go back and forth and therefore have some smaller things for instant results. I think both of those kits are great!

  7. I kind of have the post-holiday blahs now, too. Looking at projects I have/want to get done and thinking, "Meh". I haven't stitched in a while so thanks, Liana, for sharing the site for stitching. There are really no shops near me that I'm award of that sell anything more than very basic stitching kits.

  8. I know that feeling so well. I'm an avid binge watcher but I can't do needlework anymore at all. To much eye strain for me. So I'm no help what so ever.

  9. Wow, you did dive in head first! They sure look like pretty projects although lengthy ones. Ask me how I know. (I've got the WIPs as proof.) Bring on the tiny projects please!