Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 It's not snowy here. It's just a bit chilly but this month's cards are all about the snowman.

 I bought that adorable stamp and die set from Penny Black at Christmas and now I am having fun putting him/her in different snowy settings.

See what I mean?

These two have their scarves and hats cut out from fancy paper.  It's like playing with paper dolls. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Your creativity is amazing!!! Those snowmen are just too, too cute!

    I was thinking about you today while I was at Joann's. While I was waiting to pay they had stamp sets by the checkout. They were on sale and they made me think of you and all the beautiful cards you make. Just looking at them had me overwhelmed. I wouldn't know where to even START! LOL

  2. I adore your snowmen. I love snowmen in any shape or size. Yours are so cute.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Snowmen have the appeal of teddy bears-adorable!
    Nice work on the different scenes!

  4. You make the best cards!

    That is one adorable snowman. Still no snow here - just rain. It's crazily warm for January in Ontario - even in the little warm bubble I live in!

  5. THat snowman stamp is just wonderful. I love all snowmen. My candle from christmas is ALMOST burnt down. Snowman in melt form.....I think it is time to call it and bring out the valentine candles!

  6. What fun cards! Soap and cards. You switch it up quick, lady. I feel like a dork complaining about how cold it is. I haven't taken off my coat and cardigan today at work. I don't plan to. (honestly the coat is fabulous, it's like getting to wear a bathrobe to work.) shh.

  7. These are so cute! Love them. You constantly amaze me with everything you do.

  8. Love your snowmen; each one seems to have its own personality!