Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dragon Moon

 The last of the latest batch is out of the mold and it's not too bad. No spots, thank goodness. I really like this scent so I am glad it worked out.

 I didn't do anything but pour the batter in the mold but I got an interesting angry moth thing happening.

The cubes came from the slab mold. I had to pop out the whole slab and then cut it into cubes with a knife. I've never made square soap before so this will be a first when it comes to testing it. Soap that fits in your hand is a big deal so I am not sure how this is going to play out in the shower.

 The interior looks pretty cool even though all those dark colors faded quite a bit.

The soap shelves are officially full again. Now to wait for six weeks to see if it was worth all the trouble.


  1. I'm sure it will be! You are a soap wizardress!

  2. That is beautiful soap and I love the name! What is the scent like?

    1. It's very exotic. Nurture Soap says it's "night blooming flowers in ancient woods with a touch of musk". Golly, that's a mouthful! I really like it though.

  3. Of course it's worth the trouble! That is really cool-looking soap.

  4. As usual, when I miss reading a few posts I miss a lot! Your cards are adorable, the knitting looks fantastic and I love the soap! My creativity has been squashed a bit by post-holiday illness, dark weather and a small case of the blues, but looking at all your crafting has made my hands itch to get busy again!

  5. I appreciate all your trouble. The soaps smell so so good. Still if you aren't having fun, you know what I'd say!

  6. I can t find Liza's blog. But you can tell her dark weather has me a tad blue too, she's not alone. But yarn helps!

  7. You're soup always amazes me. I think it's almost like magic the way it turns out with the pretty swirls and such. I'm sure it will be just perfect after it's six weeks of waiting.
    Blessings, Betsy

  8. I'm really liking that angry moth thing that happened. Totally cool!!!

  9. Oh I bet it smells great in your house.
    I opened a new one of your bars and put it in the downstairs bathroom. It acts like an air freshener in there - I love it!

  10. Oh, these look like wonderful soap results!
    Great job!