Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thank You Mary

All I have to hear is the beginning notes of the The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song to feel like the world is still full of possibilities.

 I was in my senior year of high school when the show debuted and she immediately became a role model and fashion icon.

She had spunk all right.

And a cool job with a great boss.

She lived in an adorable apartment in a city I wanted to run away to.

I love snow. I love winter. No one did winter better than Mary.

Promise? You'll be missed.


  1. I was really saddened to hear the news. i remember watching her show when I was a teen. To me, life always seemed simpler then.

  2. GOne too soon. A wonderful person. She made us all so happy.

  3. Yeah, I basically wanted to be Mary Richards.

  4. Loved her show.

    It was a shame her real life couldn't be quite as nice as her TV show life, but then I guess REAL life never is.

    She really entertained us for many, MANY years.

  5. What a legacy she has left us; I was greatly influenced by her fashion and spunk. I never got the cool apartment, though! lol