Thursday, January 12, 2017

THE Kitty Kat Hat

 You politically savvy folks know where this is going.

 I knit this in one sitting while watching Citizen Kane last night. It's pretty terrible. My seaming is awful. I was going to donate it but I think it's mine even though I look like a deranged Easter Bunny in it.

See what I mean? Oh, well, after yesterday's presser I can only imagine I'll have plenty of opportunities to put it on in the next four years. Meow.....


  1. I don't think it looks bad and I wish I had that pattern when I was making Batman hats for the three little guys for Christmas. I had a terrible time figuring out how to put some ears on those hats!
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Try pom-poms.
    You will do fine under Pres Trump.
    I survived 8 years of Pres Obama!
    Maybe I could make that into a t-shirt!

    1. Ah but will he survive? He looks like he could explode in one of his self induced temper tantrums blowing what ever that is on the top of his head from here to tim-buck-to!!! ;-O

  3. I finished mine pretty quickly too. I think they're cute and I can't wait to see all that pink on the 21st. Hope they have a good turnout.

  4. It is awesome. I love your hat. It is not terrible at all!!!!

  5. I LOVE it. Hat number two has a wonky cast off edge, Lord sometimes I feel like a beginner knitter. I am donating it none the less. If you make another one try casting on 44 stitches and k2, p2, then when you start the second ribbing p2, k2. IT works out perfectly. If you slip the first stitch of every row you have nice little stitches to sew up the seam.