Monday, October 31, 2016

Ready or Not

 I've got my pumpkin carved.

I've got my seeds ready for toasting.

I've got cake.

I've got a bowl full of candy.

I've still got the awesome witch costume from last year's production number. I've been wearing it all weekend.

I've got what it takes to tackle some apple cider donuts later tonight after I pour myself a big bloody Mary and light the pumpkin. This should be good. Hot fat, candles and booze. I hope I live to tell about it.
Happy Halloween!


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  2. Hot fat, candles and booze - sounds perfect!! Love the witch costume.

  3. I love how you celebrate! OH THAT CAKE. DONUTS????YUM. Your costume. LOVE IT ALL.
    ITs a country halloween here. Strange not to be walking our old neighborhood which was absolutely the BEST on Halloween. Strange to have BASEBALL with CUBS on Halloween week!!! WONDERFUL. Happy Halloween Deb dear friend

  4. Happy Halloween to you too! I'll have some of those apple cider donuts please. :-)

  5. Happy Halloween! And here we are wondering if any tricksters will show up...just one last year.

  6. WOW! You go all out don't you? And the good candy too, none of that cheap stuff! Ha!

  7. Even if you don't get kids, I think it's still fun to decorate for yourself!

  8. Looks like you were all prepared. Hope you had fun.