Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's Fall Y'all!

 First sign of fall around here is the door wreath change.

 I am ribbon challenged so making the new bow took best part of a day. I need a class or something. You Tube isn't helping.

 The weather is still a bit on the humid side but cooler. Much cooler, thank goodness. I'm no longer wilting but my mums are. They've almost all died. Grrrrrr.........

Maybe I should give up on flowers and just have a turtle garden. This guy's been showing up to eat the kitty leftovers every morning. Isn't he handsome?

 The house is smelling like fall. I took a trip to You Know Where.

 I almost kissed the sales lady when I realized that their Witch's Brew is exactly the same fragrance as the Witch's Brew soap scent I used to make the soap of the same name. I had no idea it was a knock off. I love it and now my house smells like it all day long.

It's not exactly all day sock weather yet but it does get chilly at night. The first socks I put on of the season are these. The yarn was a gift from Wandering Cat last year and I love everything about them. Now to go find my fall clothes. I know I own something other than sundresses but I'm not sure what. The change of seasons always throws me into a tizzy when it comes to dressing myself. I've never been very good at it.


  1. I've been burning pumpkin spice candles for a couple of weeks now. Love the smell. :-). I also need to find some warmer clothes but hate the the thought of leaving my sundresses behind for another year. Happy autumn my friend!

  2. Glad to hear you have cool weather. Your fall wreath looks great! (Including bow)

  3. The mums look sad indeed but the rest of your Fall perks are looking good!

  4. IM really curious as to what Witches brew smells like! I have to get to a store and find it! Im a ribbon/bow failure. Yours looks great Deb!! Val's sock yarn worked up perfect. WOW

  5. I am so jealous! I can't WAIT to get up to Jacksonville where fall comes a little bit sooner. We aren't anywhere NEAR needing socks in the morning yet.

    Your socks are ADORABLE!

  6. Your beautiful soap gift arrived yesterday, I am in love with it all my friend. No Autumn here yet but we are marginally under 90 degrees, there is hope!

  7. I disagree with you.....that's a mighty fine bow on a mighty fine fall wreath!! It's not quite sock weather down here yet but getting a little less humid. Love all the spicey fall smells too!

  8. OMG!!!! Love your visitor turtle!

    And I wear my sundresses all year round. This time of year with socks and a light cardi. In winter with tights, socks and a heavier cardi!