Saturday, October 8, 2016

Down Time

 Last night The Mister did Old Doggie duty so I had some precious time to myself. I should mention that Old Doggie is HIS dog.They were inseparable until her old age set in. He doesn't have the patience for her frailty and overwhelming needs. She originally belonged to Daughter but he brought her home one day when Daughter had a roommate that was leaving her out unattended. You just don't leave cute little $900 puppies outside alone. They go missing. Anyhow, I managed to cast on my plain vanilla socks. My camera can't capture it but this yarn from Unplanned Peacock is like knitting with fire. The color is brilliant.

 I also got another wheel back in business. All three had been sitting empty since the TdF. My Traditional was put to work on some sweet little Merino batts I found when I did the stash room clean up. In fact, it was my first time to actually sit in the new improved stash room and work. It was nice.

The color is meh because I dyed it.  I think what I will do is spin it then overdye the skein. There's not a lot there but it's a fun little project that is getting my missing spinning mojo back in gear.


  1. Glad you got a little YOU time!

  2. Knitting is beautiful and it is so good to see you spinning again! Maybe that yarn will surprise you with its understated colors!

  3. LOVE the color of that sock yarn. I have a frail boy at home myself, it is hard to see them age.

  4. pretty sock yarn:-) I've just popped lots of oddments of batts etc. into a pillow case and that will be my next spinning challenge. Simply to spin them up !

  5. Perfect halloween/October color to play with.

  6. It's got to feel good to be spinning in a nice clean organized room. I wouldn't know though because mine is a mess at the moment.