Saturday, October 29, 2016

Button, Button

 I always dread putting buttons on. It never goes smoothly for me.

 This time was no exception. First I couldn't get the buttons off the backing paper. I didn't realize they were glued on.

 I knew it. I didn't get them evenly spaced at all. I measured. I swear I did. It's not really a problem. I never button up anything. They are really just for show so I can move them around if I want to.

 Mugshot time. I'm trying here to prove it fits. It does. It's perfect but I can't get a photo that shows that and I took lots.

This one is better. It is very nice. Is it THE ONE? Maybe. It's wool so it won't be used for a while. Then we'll see.
For the record it is White Pine and the yarn is Wool of the Andes Worsted in Persimmon Heather.


  1. I think the buttons are beautiful and they're spaced just fine. I never button my sweaters either. Nice mug shot, it's good to see what you look like. :-)

  2. Here's an idea: If you never button anything up, don't make buttonholes. Just sew as many buttons as you want on the button side.

  3. What a great accomplishment! It looks beautiful-hooray!

  4. Beautiful! I love that color.

  5. That color is so rich and I really like the style!

  6. It is the ONE! It is so beautiful, lovely texture and gorgeous color.

  7. That is a VERY nice looking sweater!!!

  8. It looks great. I bet you're going to wear the heck out of it.

  9. I agree, buttons are a pain but not as bad as ends. Call your spacing your special design element; they are fine! Looks warm and beautiful!