Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chilly Days & CharlotteK

 It's gotten cold enough at night to turn on the heat and fill up the kitty huts with things to keep them warm. Walmart sells these cheap pillows that I pin together every year around this time to make kitty sleeping bags.

 Voila. This should keep them cozy until we put the heaters in sometime around Thanksgiving.

Hoover approves even though when it gets cold he has enough sense to sleep inside.

As for me, I'm keeping the chills at bay with my October go-to cocktail. Isn't everybody?

Important Note to CharlotteK: Check your Ravelry messages. I need your address to ship your soap!


  1. What a great idea! I don't think I would have ever thought to pin pillows together to provide insulation.

  2. What a clever idea for the kitty tents!
    (I will finally be able to mail your pkg-now that the PO is open again after the hurricane!)

  3. I like that kitty sleeping bag ♥

  4. Well that looks like a pretty cozy little hut for those lucky kitties. It's still fairly warm here even at night but I'm sure that will change shortly. Just so it doesn't change to much....LOL....not a fan of that cold stuff.

  5. 1) your kitty pillow liners are BRILLIANT.
    2) Hoover is a gorgeous cat. He looks so smart in that photo! Very Professor Mcgonagal.
    3) I love a tasty bloody Mary I haven't had one in ages. I'm going to have to change that. I wish I could toast one with you!

  6. Haven't tried Burnetts...I will go looking...is the mix gluten free?
    Lucky cats.

    1. Hmmm....don't know. It is new to me too. They were out of my usual cheap brand that I have to get down on the floor to find since it's always way down on the bottom shelf. I did see gluten free vodka but it was $$$$$.

  7. Aww you take good care of those kitties. Hugs to you.
    Im waiting until tomorrow to have some SKINNY GIRL margherita. I am looking forwardd to it. TOns of sugar in it, but Im treating myself