Friday, October 7, 2016

Seven Pounds of Trouble

 Old Doggie's ear infection created a fire storm with her immune system and her allergies are out of control. All she wants to do all day is chew on her paws until they bleed. The onesie cure stopped working when she learned to chew the feet out. I sewed washcloths onto the ends but she learned to chew those off too. After that I tried elastic wrap but that won't stay on.

 I've spent big bucks on Amazon buying socks and boots and really big cones. Nothing works. The Mister and I have been passing her around like a hot potato. You can't take your eyes off her for a second. It's like having a newborn and we are worn out.

After another $100 vet visit we learned her ears are doing great but the vet doesn't want to address the allergies until after her next ear check in two weeks. For now it's Benedryl, expensive fish oil and frequent wipe downs to remove any pollen. I've been cleaning the house within an inch of it's life as well. It's been miserable.

The only thing that is working is our new pooch pouch. The vet had one and she was using it to calm a very agitated little dog that was just waking up from tooth surgery.

I've been walking around for days with a dog on my hip. She loves being in it but I'm not sure how long I can last. Seven pounds of dog is a lot to haul around.


  1. Try a 90 lb Labrador. Mandy's sweet dog, Polly is dealing with the same exact issues. Every time she gets an ear infection, which is often, she licks her feet raw. Mandy has also tried everything. Poor baby. She's been wearing the "cone of shame" for weeks. I hope your little one feels better soon to give you ALL some relief.

    Blogger keeps deleting my posts when I try to type them. I have no idea why it'/ doing that, but I'll keep commenting on yours as long as it lets me.

  2. So sorry about Doggie, hope she gets well soon.

  3. Oh, my! Poor little thing! We just went through a week of dog care with Duffy. We spent 7 days sleeping on the floor with him so I could hear him going outside during the night. Fortunately, he is almost back to normal and I am in KY visiting family. Good wishes for pup wellness!

  4. Awww, it is hard to see them sick but this will help comfort her. Sorry for your shoulder/back!

  5. When Max was little I used some calming spray they had at the pet store, it was made with essential oils. Maybe a little lavender?

  6. Oh my gosh .... that IS like having a newborn. Hope her allergies let up soon.

    Poor old doggie --- Giroux says get well soon.

  7. I hope doggie gets better really soon ♥

  8. Shes a lucky dog to have yoU!!! Itching is such torture. Poor baby. I'd ask for steroids!

  9. Well that's just to cute! That little face is just darling. Glad the ears are better now for the feet. Maybe a little coconut's pretty soothing. Poor little peanut.

  10. Oh - if only I would have known about the pooch pouch earlier. Tux would have LOVED that. During his last months, he wanted to be carried around all the time.

    Hope Doggie is feeling better soon.