Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Long Haul

 Not only am I working on the loooong front bands of my orange cardi, I am also in the long haul on Son's gray one.

 It won't be long before the Featherweight will need front bands as well. I am on the next to the last color block before the cuff ribbing on the second sleeve. Featherweight's front bands are epic. It's a lot of knitting.

 Speaking of long term projects, Tracery is also back in business after the long, hot summer. I love this project so much I don't mind it taking forever. I think it is longer than it needs to be because I just wasn't ready to start doing the hard stuff to turn it into a vest.

Someone was questioning the merits of Chroma last week. This is what its good for. It makes spectacular faux Fair Isle. Tracery is really easy peasy pie since you only worry about two yarns.

Another long haul has a major issue. It is slowly beginning to dawn on me that I am going to run out of yarn.

 This is Knit Picks Shadow in the long discontinued Deep Woods colorway.

This is all I have left. The pattern calls for eight pattern repeats and I will have only five and maybe a half-if I am lucky. I know it will grow during blocking but I doubt it will grow enough to be a useful rectangular shawl. I've got no choice but to carry on so there's no point in whining about it. It will be what it will be. I'll figure it out.


  1. Oh gah! I hate playing yarn chicken. Could you go to ISO on Ravelry and hope that maybe someone has some in their stash?

  2. Love your Tracery. You inspired me to knit Fair Isle coat.

  3. The Tracery is stunning! I didn't know you were using Chroma for the color changes; very cool. I made a pair of socks with the chroma and they are delightful to wear but even without frequent hand washing, they are felting like mad! I wouldn't knit another pair out of Chroma for that but it is great for easier wear! (I am going to knit a Brioche scarf out of Chroma this winter!)

  4. I'm loving Tracery! Very pretty! I really want to give Fair Isle knitting a try.

  5. Oh man it's been a while. The knits look really good and are moving along! I appreciate the Chrome endorsement, not that I need anymore yarn in my life right now, but I do love the fun ways the colorways are knitting up. I love reading about someone enjoying a knit project regardless of how long it takes. That's real love.

  6. Maybe it will be a beautiful table runner, not a shawl. You can use it and gaze at its beauty everyday. Love all your knitting. I am starting my sleeves tonight on my latest sweater. I am already suffering from firs sleeve syndrome and I haven't even started yet.

  7. Love that Tracery. I've got the book, and the page is marked. Some day, hopefully. Yarn Chicken is scary; I am worried about running out of yarn for the front bands of my ancient project.....Good luck on yours!

  8. You posted that gorgeous Tracery on Feb 9th. I have it as my go to for your blog. I LOVE it. YOu'll win on yarn chicken. I KNOW YOU WILL