Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Soap: Holiday Edition Part 2

 Meet Christmas Spice. It smells like pumpkin spice to me and you know how much I like that.

 This is another attempt at making a butterfly. It's a pretty messy butterfly but this soap thickened up quicker than I expected. I was lucky, it could have been so much worse than this. So far no disasters like I had with the fall scents. Winter is playing nice.

 These little mini bars are Christmas Forest which smells just like it sounds. I didn't think anyone would want to smell like a pine tree so I made little hand soaps for washing up at the kitchen sink after a day of cookie making.

 This is Cranberry Fig. Slap dash is what I call it. I made 4 loaves that day and I was just pouring the batter in, giving it a stir and moving on to the next. It shows.

Ditto with Peppermint Stick. It was midnight by the time I got around to this one.

 Sleigh Ride smells very brisk. It's a bit minty and and a little bit piney.

 Santa's Spruce is one of my favorite new scents. It's a sugary, sweet pine. Odd but nice.

Hot Buttered Rum is very rummy. It makes me want some rum cake. I love rum cake. I need to make some rum cake.

Finally, meet Peppermint Bark.

It came about because I haven't been able to get my usual deodorized cocoa butter. I bought a pound of natural cocoa butter and discovered it smells just like chocolate.  I never thought about chocolate soap being a good thing but if this scent doesn't cure out, it's going to be really, really yummy.


  1. All of them look so beautiful and tempting!

  2. It's just nippy enough here that I could enjoy the smells of these fresh soap and a good fire to sit beside! You are doing great with your soap!

  3. Your soap-making posts are among my favorites! It's something I've never attempted and I love the fact that you play so creatively with frangrance and color!

  4. Be careful you don't forget that it is soap and take a bite!

  5. Perhaps fresh mouthed children everywhere will request their mouths be washed out with chocolate soap!!!!!!!!! YOu should sell it

  6. They all look almost good enough to eat, and now you say there's one that smells like chocolate! Wow!

  7. The butterfly turned out really nice and pumpkin spice sounds heavenly. Your Sunday soap making always makes me hungry! LOL

  8. These all sound wonderful! My Mom used to use Pine soap in the tub - the only soap she loved.

  9. Those sound amazing -- especially chocolate peppermint!

  10. Wonderful! Chocolate you say? Yes please. I can't believe there is really a chocolate soap! Ha! Ha! You're the best!