Thursday, October 6, 2016

At Last

 Look at that. It's something you haven't seen around here in ages. It's an open window. We still had the AC on as of yesterday. It's been terrifically muggy even though the temps were in the 70's. Not today. The humidity was in the comfortable 50's range. I'll take it.

 That's my Jurassic view from the deck. As you can see not much fall has shown up out there.

 I celebrated my return to the outdoors by taking a walk and baking a pear tart.

 It was the day for a proper cuppa.

 I love the ritual of loose leaf and today I got a shipment of new samples from my go to tea shop in the mail.

It was gorgeous out but I still had indoor stuff to do. That's the latest piece of scenery in progress. Think Octopus's Garden. I want to be. Under the sea....yada yada yada.


  1. Those colors are VERY Yellow Submarine! LOL

    I got a shipment of tea today too. Mine came from Tea Guys!

  2. My windows were finally open yesterday as well, and what a joy it was! However, I did have to do some very quick window/window sill washing because they were in a sad state. Curtains are next today!

  3. I love the photo story! I could sense the physical relief of being able to open the window in that first one. The woods look so pretty where you live. Have a cup of tea for me.

  4. Do you have a leftover pear for me? That looks amazing!

  5. Happy new Tea! I love your woods. No real color changes here yet. A tree here or there...but not much. Im ready and waiting for the color above the sea

  6. Nice to be outside again! Glad you had a nice respite!

  7. No tea shipment here, just my typical white tea from the health food store. I wonder if your humidity is being sucked up by a ginormous storm? Or maybe it is just Fall.