Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Cards

 I found a reason to use my new fall stamps.

 Aren't they just the cutest critters? I love Lawn Fawn stamps.

 Something new to the card collection is this weird looking thingy also from Lawn Fawn.

 It makes a cute little box when you cut out two and stick them together. I thought it would be cute for giving gift certificates during the holidays. There's lots of videos on how to decorate them so I was hooked.

 I used it to make a box so I could share some mini lotion bars with someone. I tried every wrapping trick I knew but these tiny bars didn't work with anything I had on hand. What I really needed were some mini cupcake liners but I didn't have any so I made a box and stuffed two inside it.

Every time I make a batch of lotion bars I have just enough left over to make a few minis that I use for testing. I've discovered I love the small size and I keep jars of them all over the house. I find them very useful when I am spinning. Fiber used to always catch on my rough, old hands. Not any more.


  1. What a cute idea! A stencil to make a box! Whoodathunk it! Ha! I love the lotion bar you sent me. I keep it right by my knitting chair and find myself reaching for it several times a day. It works wonderfully. Thank you again. :-)

  2. Those are very cute cards! The boxes are over-the-top clever! Lotion bars are so convenient and effective, too!

  3. Cute Fall stamps! Your lotion bars are the BEST!!

  4. Cute card! And the boxes will come in handy!

  5. You had me with "jars of lotion bars"....I love those things!!! :-)

  6. I need some ideas Deb. I have to put a number on each bottle of wine for the cork pull at our shelter Gala. Should I use gold yarn and a punch hole on paper with BLACK numbers ? Our colors are gold and black. .....

  7. The cards are really sweet! I love the hedgehog especially! And I love the lotion bar you sent - I have Reynaud's Syndrome and my hands are very sensitive and dry - This is absolutely the best thing I've found to help!

  8. I love my lotion bars for you, I have one right here on my desk as I type this. The box is a brilliant idea!