Tuesday, November 1, 2016


October was the month that was. Where the heck did it go?

The only way I got the October block done was to take it to bed with me. I stitched into the wee hours on this one. I stitched my way through Netflix's Stranger Things which I absolutely LOVED.

I did manage to also get a head start on November.

 The October card kit didn't get much more than a glance I'm afraid.

I made three so-so cards. This month's kit isn't here yet but it's not anything too exciting either. I'm hoping December hits a home run or I'm bowing out of this club. I think I'm ready to fly on my own.

 Yesterday's donut experiment was a big success.

 This year, I made apple cider donuts from the recipe I found here.

 They were delish. Much better than my usual Betty Crocker recipe. The secret is buttermilk and boiled down cider. Yum.

 While watching Hocus Pocus last night I started a mini quilt for my new buffet.

I have a little stand on it but I only have the tiny quilt I made for Daughter's wedding on it. My goal is to have one for every holiday-as if I really need another project.

No trick or treaters again this year in spite of decorating the heck out of the front window yesterday. Oh, well. I enjoyed it and I guess that's what matters.


  1. I think the cards look very nice. You are very hard on yourself. :::wink:::

    No TorTreaters here either. :-(

  2. Love the colors of yout new quilt.
    And agree, your cards are very nice!

  3. Nice job on the new quilt, cards and x stitching! Good thing about no treating-you get the sweets!

  4. Oh man, those donuts look wonderful! Love your October cross stitch square - so cute...and it looks like you have a bit of a head start on December as well as November!!

  5. We have about three dozen trick-or-treaters that I could lend you.

  6. No Trick or Treaters at my house either...sad! The doughnuts look amazing, and you didn't have to wait in line! NYSW fest. You get A+!!

  7. we didn't get any trick or treaters either. I guess kids don't go out anymore.

    Im so happy you enjoyed the Halloween. I did too. WE had zero trick or treaters but I still loved carving the pumpkin, having a gathering 2 weeks ago with black cat napkins and my decorations. LOVE your quilt for each holiday idea. And you are too funny going to bed with your needles!!

  9. Those donuts look delicious. Great job on the cross stitch and I think the cards are great too. I've said it before, you are a multi-talented lady!

  10. I agree, even though it had 31 days, Oct. disappeared way too fast. Those donuts look fabulous; I can almost smell them from here. Love all your projects; they are awesome!

  11. Love the window lights! No trick or treaters means more donuts for you....got to look on the bright side. :-)