Tuesday, November 8, 2016

An Ounce of Prevention

 I'm still battling the moth issue even though I haven't seen any other evidence of damage. I'm not taking any chances.

 I'm washing my socks in this lovely soap I made last year from lavender essential oil and lanolin. This the last little bit of it so I need to get on making more before I use it up. Six weeks is a long time to wait for it.

 My bathroom looks like a laundry at the moment.  I am trying to give my socks a good going over and scrubbing every time I wear them.

 I've also been giving them a tiny spritz of essential oils mixed in distilled water as they dry for added protection.

Mmmm....they smell good. Now if it only keeps the nasty buggys away.


  1. Hope the oils help to keep them away ♥

  2. Nasty moths! I had a bad attack this summer; I bought the pheromone attracting tent and it has sticky insides and captures them. That's how I knew I had a problem-it went from 2 to 50 bugs one week! They were in my unwashed Angora yarn. What a mess. All the washed wool was fine, gratefully, but not that one.

  3. Really like the idea of the essential oil spray...what's the ratio of essential oil to distilled water?

    1. I add enough drops of oil to be able to smell it in the water. Just a few drops really.

  4. I hope so .... .nobody got time for MOTHS!

  5. These are great ideas. I haven't read any blogs since last Friday and I think I may have missed something so I'll need to go back and read yours! Hope the bugs, (moths??) stay away.

  6. Moths have to be the most absolute disaster in a wool oriented house. They have eaten holes in woolen blankets, fine wool shawls from Europe, cashmere jumpers and numerous other items in my household. If it's wool it goes in a zip up plastic bag, I just have to. So I am feeling the pain. That lovely lavender soap sounds wonderful, just the thing.

  7. This is a good reminder to me DEB! I unpacked the winter hats and I should put them into something safe with a cedar block or something!

  8. Darn - I knew I should have saved my lavender trimmings for something! I could have made moth sachets!

  9. Now if there was only a spray to make these horrible election results to go away