Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh, Darn!

 My November card kit never came and when I contacted customer service yesterday they said tracking showed it was lost in transit-whatever that means.

 The Mister who worked for the USPS for 37 years said that means they never sent it in the first place. This particular company never gives you the tracking info or notifies you when they ship which I always thought was odd for something so expensive. Each kit costs me $31. Ouch.

 Problem is that the kit is sold out. They had to refund my money. I was not happy. I was not crazy about the kit but I always liked following along with all the monthly videos on You Tube. Oh, well. As you can see I have spent a lot of money in the past few weeks buying card making toys so I have enough to keep me busy through the holidays.

 This set is for The Mister. He sends more Christmas cards out than I do. He'll have fun with that little car and with those tracks he can make a snowy road.

 For my friends who celebrate Hanukkah.

 These were pricey but I love them. They make such pretty stitched borders on all the panels.

 Gift tags. I can make my own now.

After watching all the new kit videos that came out this week, I consoled myself with some of my toys last night. I can still follow along on You Tube, only now I can use the stuff I already have. It'll do.


  1. I'm baffled at how you'll use those things so I'm waiting with bated breath to see what cards you and the Mr. will come up with. :-)

  2. I love The Mister's explanation of what "lost in transit" means. ;>)

  3. Cute little things - love the car and tracks - very clever. Must be very frustrating to deal with that company~!

  4. All of those goodies look amazing! The car and the snowy road! I know they're for your husband but I think they're going to be really cool! And your Thanksgiving cards are great!

  5. Well that's disappointing, but those little gingerbread men are adorable!

  6. frustrating! I wonder if they did not make enough kits for their pre-orders!

    Glad you were able to make lemonade out of lemons and still have fun.

  7. Well there you go.....sometimes you just have to go with the flow but I don't blame you for being dissapointed. Glad they refunded your money though.

  8. Such fun! It's s nice when Hanukkah is included.

  9. Sorry for the lost kit but you can make up your own now cuz you are a pro! I love the gingerbread men!