Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sock It To Me

 The other night I curled up in my stash room chair and worked on socks. I've got some nice things on the needles but no time to work on them. The socks I take with me to the nursing home to see Daddio have been languishing.

He needs a lot of direction these days to interact appropriately. If I color, he colors so we've been working our way through a bag of these holiday projects I found at Micheal's and Joann's.

 My mindless travel project looks like spaghetti. It's prettier in person.

 My Undines are at the heel. They are not so mindless so they stay home now. When I feel like lace but I'm too tired for the hard stuff these fit the bill.

 Believe it or not I even cast on another pair. I had this ball of Cascade Heritage Prints burning a hole in my stash pocket.  They won't be done this holiday season but I am still going to enjoy working on them. Ho, ho, ho.


  1. Four great pairs on the go! I loved doing the Undines. I need to put that in my queue to remind me to do another pair.

  2. It's good to have several projects to choose from - These yarns remind me of your soaps - So full of color and pattern!

  3. Oh, lovely socks to be calling you!
    (I looked to buy the Heritage Xmas print and it was out of stock! boo hiss.)

  4. So many socks, so little time. I use those kits with many of the kids I work with, they are good projects and very affordable.

  5. That will be a nice collection of footwear!

  6. Love all of your sock yarn. I need to pull out my Holiday Heritage yarn and knit up a pair...and then others as gifts. I need more time....

  7. Great sock projects. I only have one pair on the needles and haven't touched them in a couple of weeks. I've been knitting on my sock yarn blanket, it's fairly mindless and that's what I've needed the past few days. I like all of the patterns and yarn you're using.