Tuesday, November 22, 2016


 I've got so much soap to make pretty.

 I always give it a haircut and a polishing before wrapping.

I also needed to cut the bars into smaller pieces.

 I have a ladies lunch next week and of course, Thanksgiving on Thursday both great opportunities to get rid of soap.

I wanted to do something different so I am putting three small soaps in these cute little boxes I've been making for gifting. No one really needs a giant bar of never ending holiday smelling soap. Small bars are best, I think.

 What I really should be doing though is stuffing octopus legs.

It never ends does it?


  1. I was feeling a little stressed and worried from all the bad news of late and then I read this post and broke right out laughing at all those octopus legs. It was just what I needed!

  2. You must have the cleanest drains in the world.

  3. Love the octopus legs!! I really can't wait to see pictures of the production! And I'm sure your house smells wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

  4. Oh dear. It looks like my last comments on yesterdays post never went through. Sigh, must learn new technology! So sorry you fell, but so sweet that kids cared! That makes it all ok! I LOVE your bus and the wheels on the bus go...round and round. Happy soap haircutting. SOunds therapeutic to me.....I think I could do that all day! Off to buy a apple pie for Thanksgiving and the day after party at Fireman's cousins gathering

  5. Your little box is so cute.
    That is a lot of octopus legs to stuff!

  6. Your octopi are hilarious! And your soaps are beautiful. Couldn't you collect those shreds and use them somehow?