Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall Has Fallen

 Yesterday, The Mister and I took the dogs for a stroll in our woods. They are are putting on quite a show at the moment.

 I think there is more color this year than we usually see. Most years it goes from green to brown pretty quickly around here.

 We have a had a run of nice days. Cold nights. Cool days. My kind of weather.

The Mister has been waging war with the leaves but I like them. I want the yard to look like fall. I want to hear them crunch under my feet. You can't tell what this is but it's my creek. It is so full of leaves you would think you could walk on the water. Don't.

Pup almost made that mistake. The Mister and I were going to have to decide who was going in after her. It's not deep but it's muddy and a long climb back up. I've seen The Mister have to do it before and it's not pretty. Truth be told, since I was wearing my new Eddie Bauer corduroy jumper, I probably would have shoved him in first.



    Looks like you are having a LOVELY autumn.

    I woke up very early this morning. It's actually quite chilly out. I know the day will warm up, but for now, it's a nice change.

  2. A very pretty walk in the woods! would have been his job to rescue pup; it's in the wedding contract~

  3. How lovely the area looks!

    And the pup picture is THE BEST. :-)

  4. Your creek....reminds me of my childhood!

  5. Wow I never thought about the leaves completely hiding the water. Our days have been sunny this week and we are expecting record highs tomorrow. Fireman is golfing ! WHEEE