Friday, November 18, 2016

Cooling Off

Yesterday I needed to escape all the heated political debates going on in my head so I headed out to the rink for a few hours of exercise. Everywhere I looked, however, I saw things that got me going all over again.  This rinkside ad made me think of all the calls to arms I've heard. That's a good thing. All week long we've seen long streams of high school and college kids lining the roads in protest.

We Oldies learned our lesson with Nixon and the Vietnam War. These kids are going to get a civics lesson par excellence during the next four years. Let's hope they turn out to be better voters than the 43% of us who didn't bother to go. As we have seen, it can make all the difference.

I met Daughter there who has been even more hysterical than I have about it all. She stands to lose more so she ought to be. She's grown up in a world where certain rights have been taken for granted. Now she'll have to fight for them like we did. I hope she wins.

Hey, neighbors to the north....I know you are just as worried as the neighbors to the south as to what all this means.

I hope our trade agreements continue to go well. I just got this crazy head thingy in the mail from y'all. Yes, I know I look like a demented elf here. I feel like a demented elf these days. Sleep? What's that? I wake up and check my Twitter feed for the Apocalypse all night long.

My roadkill hat is an Ice Halo. It's like a helmet but way cooler looking. Everyone wears them these days. No one wants a concussion or worse. It came from Canada because we all know Canadians make the best ice gear-among other things.

Finally, something happy. Daughter has been working to get new logos and garments made up for her Theater on Ice Team. Cool, huh?


  1. Cool logo and cool (warm?) headgear - love it! Sad and scary times for sure. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Here's to hoping we only have to endure this for four years and that this time the lessons learned are never forgotten!

  3. I love that demented elf. So much

  4. Ice halo, what a great idea! Hope the skating gives your mind a rest. Knitting's helped me.

  5. You know I am feeling exactly the same, why of why didn't more people vote? Still might have been the same outcome as there are now 1,500,000 more votes for HC.