Sunday, November 6, 2016

Something Big

 I'm still waiting for my big box of felt from Joann's. I haven't even got a shipping notice so in desperation I headed out to the store.

 Snow White's cottage needed to be built. I have a schedule to keep. All this mess has to be out of here by December so I can enjoy the holidays in peace.

 It took all day yesterday to get all the pieces sewn on. Because of the size of the backing, it all has to be done by hand. My fingers are a mess. If I poked myself once, I poked myself a hundred times.

The roof was a problem. It's too tall to work on when it's in place so I had to pull it off the frame and work with it on the table. It was the middle of the night when I finished this particular work session. The house is a wreck but I'll worry about it tomorrow. Today it's off to the rink to see if this baby floats.