Friday, November 25, 2016

Turkey Day 2016

 Right before we were to leave for Daughter's I remembered I had not put the buttons on Son's latest cardi adventure. He was in town and staying with Daughter so it was an opportunity to see if it fit and to give it to him. More on that later.

We went over to Daughter's early so we could see the parade and make cookies-a family tradition.

It's an hour drive to Daughters so I didn't get to see it all but I was there before Santa arrived. That's always a big moment for me.

 #2 Son was already in serious prep mode.

 This is the candied sweet potato gratin to be in process. Mmmmm.....he put candied pecans on top.

The Grands played in the playground while.....

 ...the turkey grilled in the front yard.

 I don't eat meat but wow, did this smell good.

 Everything was delish. We had maple glazed brussels. green beans with pickled scallions, and homemade cranberry sauce. We had a fight over the mashed potatoes. I like them lumpy not whipped. I won-this year.

 There was also one of those expensive hams and amazing stuffing. I wish I had some leftovers but there wasn't much left.

 We also had desserts aplenty. DIL brought this yummy ice cream from a posh ice cream shop whose name I've forgotten.

 SIL makes a killer pumpkin cheesecake.

 I made some vegan apple pies and I got it right for a change. The crust was nice and flaky. The secret was freezing everything beforehand even the flour, the bowl and the pastry cutter. I also didn't touch the dough with my warm hands. Not easy but it does make a great crust.

 Son's new sweater wasn't a complete success but it wasn't a complete failure either. Men are hard to knit for. They have long arms and wide shoulders. It makes getting the fit right a real challenge.

Son's lady friend brought me a big surprise. These are the chips on Oprah's favorite things list that are so hard to get your hands on and for a good reason. They are yummo. Yum. Mo.

It's not often that I get all my kids in the same room at the same time so I made the most of it. It was a great day.


  1. Because my children celebrate with their in-laws first we're having our Thanksgiving on Sunday. Your food looks amazing! What a wonderful day you all must have had!

  2. It looks and sounds like a wonderful day.

    I think you son's sweater looks nice, btw.

  3. Could you post the candied sweet potato gratin recipe? Or is it a chef's secret?

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful day! We did too, just not a traditional T-day. I also love having my kids in the same place, but it happens all too infrequently these days. Enjoy it while you can!

  5. Oh Im so happy you had your kiddos and grands together with you! I didnt catch on about your being vegan. Wow . Impressive. We had a quiet, thankful day together and we made a feast anyhow!

  6. It sounds like the most delicious day ever. Glad you were with your family and personally I think the sweater is perfect.

  7. Your sons sweater turned out nice and it looks like your Thanksgiving was a success also. We had the kids and grandkids all together too. It was very enjoyable!

  8. All that yummy food and lots of family, what a great time you must have had. The sweater looks great! Nice work and a nice color, too!

  9. It does gete harder every year to pull off the big gatherings but they are appreciated, aren't they?! The Cardi looks Great!