Friday, May 6, 2016

The Knitting Report

 On the eve of the MDSW it seems fitting that I chat about knitting. My second attempt at a gray cardi for Middle Son is chugging along. These are the fronts. It's my TV knit and sadly there is little on TV for me these days so it's slowed a bit.

 My handspun Featherweight cardi is my travel knit. It goes in the car as I ride along and it looks like I've been in the car a lot lately. I am past the part where you take off for the sleeves thank goodness. It was getting to be a real slog.

 Aubade is playing nicely again. Those 500 plus rounds are a killer though. One row a day is all I can do early in the morning before the household wakes up. Several of you complimented this yarn in the comments last week. FYI it's from Wandering Cat Yarns and it is gorgeous.

 My wonky handspun hat is near the crown. Then I'll have the lining to knit. I'm not very motivated now that the weather has warmed. It may go in the bin with a mitten I need to finish for next winter.

 Tracery is halfway through her last pattern repeat and then I'll have to do some scary shaping to turn it into a vest. I bought a Craftsy class to help me through it. I work on this while I am getting my Netflix fix at night.

The first border edging on my mosaic throw is nearing the end. I'll have three more of these to do. I work on this while I am listening to Audible on my Kindle. Right now I'm listening to Great Expectations.

This will be the last of the borders. It's gotten too big to work on comfortably. I didn't want to end on a white border but it is what it is at this point.

Then there is a tah last and only pair of socks on the needles are done. Now I can go buy some sock yarn tomorrow and not feel guilty. Right?


  1. So many knittings going on... And with good progress! I can manage just one project at a time.
    Mosaic throw look great, is there a pattern one can buy?

    1. I had to buy Barbara G. Walker's book to get all the patterns that make up her sampler afghan. I got an old library copy from Amazon that is literally falling apart. The directions are in the EZ style. Very loosey goosey. Several people on Ravelry just made up their own 2 color patterns and they look great.

  2. You sure need some more sock yarn to clear the palate between all the larger/longer projects on the needles. I like the update to see how you are coming with each of these knits!

  3. You can take it to Links and have it spiral bound for about $7. I've saved a couple of mine that way.

  4. Lovely projects, I look forward to seeing how they progres. I envy you going out to buy new sock yarn, I'm on a yarn diet for the next few months.

  5. Goldfish socks! we are so in sync!
    I LOVE your handspun hat so much.
    GO buy sock yarn ...squeeeeee

  6. You have so many lovely projects going, a nice variety. Enjoy your trip to MDSW!

  7. How do you keep them all straight? I love everything you are making, well done!

  8. We must be kindred spirits as I have a whole bunch of projects going at the same time, too. That Mosaic afghan is amazing.Have fun yarn shopping; one has to have at least one pair of socks on the needles. LOL