Monday, May 16, 2016

Den Store Strikkedyst

 That's Danish for The Great Knit Off. If you liked the Great British Baking Show you will love this Danish reality show on You Tube.  This episode has english subtitles. A few do but most don't which is too bad. Warning: This episode will leave you in tears as the knitters knit a headband that represents the toughest time in their lives. I had to get the kleenex out. They all had some mighty sad stories to tell.

 Like the baking shows, participants are given materials and challenges that creates tons of drama. They have a giant yarn store at their disposal which turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing. My favorite part is watching what the knitters are wearing. What they have knit for themselves when they are not under this pressure is amazing to see.

 I can't even imagine having judges waiting to look at what you are knitting.

 They have to knit some pretty crazy things.

Yowza. At least they didn't have to model them. It's all good fun and even with the language issue completely mesmerizing.


  1. How fun! I wish I had access to this show. Maybe I'll try to find it online. I can't imagine having someone have to judge the things I make.

  2. The bikinis don't look too bad. LOL

  3. Great idea! I wish they translated more episodes. Btw, BBC is thinking about making the series as well.
    In any case, it's unbelievable one can knit so much in 4 hours!

  4. What will they think of....I might just peek at this even if I am allergic to 'reality' shows!

  5. Without you this part of my life would remain in the dark? Who knew there is this show? Im going to have to watch the show! Thanks I love you tube

  6. I have never heard of this show, I will look it up.

  7. I have watched both series and two programmes of the third series. It's very enjoyable even though I can't speak the language!