Monday, May 30, 2016


Every Memorial Day I am grateful for the fact that I have never lost anyone to war.

Many family members have served but all have come back.

Our town puts on a big to-do down at the memorial by the Bay every year. The whole place is hopping at the moment. We turn into a regular tourist town this time of year.  You can hear the music and the fireworks as soon as the sun goes down. As for me and The Mister, we have really become old fuddy duddies. He's been cleaning out gutters and cutting grass trying to get ahead of the tropical nonsense heading our way. I've been glued to war movies on TCM.

My favorite war movie? Mrs. Miniver, of course.  Calmly knitting in a backyard shelter while your son is part of an aerial firefight that is raining bombs down on your house is my idea of a hero.

It never feels right to wish anyone a "happy" Memorial Day. It's too solemn an occasion for that particular greeting. What makes sense, at least to me, is to wish you peace.

And let's not forget....


  1. What a lovely post. I will wish someone a Happy Memorial Day weekend, but like you, feel weird saying Happy Memorial Day.

  2. I love the movie Mrs. Miniver also! Enjoy the bonus day of fuddy duddiness!

  3. It is a funny day to "celebrate," isn't it? I haven't lost anyone in a war, either, which makes it hard to really appreciate what others have gone through.

  4. Have a peaceful and introspective Memorial Day.

  5. I am so thankful my Father made it through WWII and my brother was never sent to Vietnam. It is a day of remembrance not so much a day of festivities. I worked this morning so it wasn't even a day off!

  6. I come from a military family. There is a lot of gratitude and respect that has been instilled in me. Though my son may never serve, I like to think he has that gratitude and respect to. We tend to watch War movies/series anyhow, but Band of Brothers definitely came out this year.

  7. I definately need to find and watch Mrs. Miniver.