Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Walk in the (Wet) Park

 Just a few minutes from my house is a park I never go to. After 15 days of being stuck in the house because of rain I would go anywhere-rain or no rain.

I've only been there once when my mom was alive. She took me into the woods down a dirt trail to this little beach that I thought at the time was creepy. I still do.

Old Doggie was snug and dry in her stroller.

Pup didn't care about getting wet. She loves to go bye-bye.

This is one Jurassic place. I expected to see dinosaurs come through the brush at any moment.

 The bleached white skeletons of trees dot the shore.

 It's a spooky place. At least I think so.

 The city has done a lot to make it more friendly-other than scaring you to death by posting those warning signs about the cliffs every few feet.

 They built a boardwalk but I think it's a sad, lonely boardwalk.

 It also doesn't help that there are displays along the way filled with long gone people and places.

The cliffs are filled with ancient shark's teeth and other fossils. That's why mom liked it there. She was quite the collector.

  Up on some of those steep cliffs there are houses.

 I wonder how long it will be before they end up in the bay. The erosion is rather fierce.

Those houses are absolutely gorgeous and probably cost a fortune but I couldn't sleep at night knowing that one step in the wrong direction will send you down a hill and onto the rocks.

I suppose that view is worth it though-as long as you can afford the insurance premiums.


  1. Beautiful photos ---- I would love to live along the water, but you are right. Oh my golly, the insurance premiums must be sky high!

  2. I think it looks like a gorgeous place! But yes, HUGE insurance premiums for sure. I think my husband has been there and found some sharks teeth and arrowheads.

  3. Wow that is a pretty place! I think it would be lovely to live near it, but it would make me nervous with the erosion you mentioned if I lived right there ...

  4. I would love to visit that ancient looking beach! It makes me think of the beach line of long ago; I like that it doesn't look like tourists rule there! Good for you to go and visit it! Did you find a shark's tooth?!

  5. Cool place! Looks like something out of Pirates of the Carribean. Old Doggie is so cute peeking out of her carriage. LOL!

  6. Sounds and looks like a beautiful place too me! I love doggie in her stroller - she looks so content.

  7. OH it looks peaceful. I wonder where you got the willies from about it! I have a place like that too....I do not like to one part of Door county where we drove in dangerous fog as kids once

  8. It looks very mystical and peaceful.