Saturday, May 28, 2016

The End of the Solo Staycation

 The Mister should be home tonight for good. Maybe. All week it was a little of this and a little of that going on. I never could really settle down. Miss Babs got a heel.

 As did my Wool Aid sock.

 I'm really lagging behind in the spinning. I even went looking for a shawl pattern for this fiber to hopefully jump start my mojo but noooo....

 This weaving is so easy I could have finished it in a sitting but I didn't.

 I hate the loom being empty so I am going to take my time until I make a plan for more warping. I think I am going to do this pattern again using up all my leftovers. Maybe.

I did get to finish my latest Audible audiobook. I really loved the narration. Anton Lesser is excellent. Those 19 hours and 13 minutes flew by. Now I need a fun summer listen.

 Daddio''s quilt got a back but I'm not too sure my mishmash of stripes worked. We'll see.

 Gracie liked it. She gave it two paws up and rolled on it until I took it away. Now I'll have to remember to take a Benedryl when I go to work on it again.

I took the quilt top to Daddio last week. He said he didn't remember it. I even showed him where all the little stitches were where he pieced them all together but it was all a mystery. At least he remembered me.


  1. It does look like you got a lot done on your staycation. I still love that quilt. I like the cat rolling on it. Our cat used to do the same thing to blankets I made.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Towels are so beautiful! With a pleasant weaving I also try to prolong the process.

  3. I think a staycation is just what I need too! Drats, there are too many people here that won't let me get a thing done. I have just listened to the whole Sue Grafton series on audio book, I loved every book.
    Happy Weekend,

  4. Two thumbs up from me too!! You are inspiring me to do more!

  5. I love all your good staycation projects! The weaving is beautiful! The quilt will be nice when finished! What a great collaboration between you and your dad, even if he doesn't remember now, you do. Gracie is a good encourager!

  6. Aww honey. Mom rarely knows me, but she knows she loves me....Hugs

  7. Looks to me like you got A LOT done while the Mister was away!

    Hugs to you (and Daddio) --- he may not remember the quilt, but you know he loves it just as much because YOU made it. :-)

  8. I would love a staycation just like yours. You got so much done. And I'm glad that Daddio recognized you!

  9. Oh I love the quilt - the colors and mishmash are perfect!

    I'm sure Daddio is pleased, just because he saw you, even if he didn't remember his quilt. :-)

  10. OMG! Gracie is hysterical all sprawled out on the quilt. The look on her face is priceless!

  11. I love the scroll of all your wonderful staycation projects. Gracie is so cute in that picture. It looks like she's saying what? Did you need this quilt back? I'm glad you are having some positive interaction with Daddio. Wishing you well.