Friday, May 13, 2016

So Many Socks

 These two newly finished pairs of socks are for charity. Like so many of you, I'm participating in Harry's Hundred and soon they will be heading off to Syrian refugees.

 I've got one more pair on the needles to be donated. These are going to Wool Aid and they are VERY specific about what they want. It has to be 100% wool and it has to be a densely knit worsted weight. No sock yarn please unless it is stranded with the worsted. That's just what's going on here. It's not for sissies. Knitting that weight on tiny needles is a struggle. My poor hands are not too happy with me right now but it is fun to watch the colors play around. This could be addicting.

 Then there is something all for me. Here is my Miss Babs MDSW 2016 yarn-the skein I stood in line for 50 minutes for.  I wish you could have seen my face when I unwrapped that skein to put it on the swift. It was the ugliest thing ever. I could have dyed it. In fact, it looked like something I had dyed and called a failure.

 Then the magic happened. It looked completely different in the cake, There were colors I hadn't even seen in the skein.

Look at that. It doesn't look like anything I'd expected. It's still a bit too Duck Dynasty for me but it's still gorgeous with those layers of violet and lavender playing so nicely with the gradient olive and browns. I guess that's why she gets the long lines and the big bucks. It is pure genius.


  1. The Miss Babs yarn is just perfect for spring. It reminds me of English roses.

  2. Yeah for Harry's Hundred!!! You are a generous one!
    I cant decide if i'm knitting socks, a shawl or a hat today
    Im all wonky!

  3. Nice work for the donation socks. I'm not sure I could handle the dense sock knit anymore.
    The new socks are gorgeous! Have fun with the knit!

  4. That Miss Babs is knitting up really pretty!

  5. That yarn is gorgeous, I love the wee bit of pink popping up to neutralize all of the green. I understand what you are saying about the' "Duck Dynasty". I had never seen that show until I was at work and one of the parents had it on.