Thursday, May 26, 2016

Solo Staycation Day 2

 It's been one extreme to the other around here. Either it's cold and wet or it's hot and humid. Now that the sun is back it's pretty miserable out there. I am also sad to report that the bugs are back. I'm an itchy mess just from going to the mailbox this morning.

 I have got some knitting done on Son's second gray cardi attempt. I finished the fronts at 3 am because The Mister's old dog can't sleep without him. She whines all night and wanders around looking for him.

 I just put on TCM and watch whatever old movies they have on all night. I doze on and off on the couch, needles in hand in between dog wrangling. My Featherweight Cardi is coming along.  A few more color blocks and it will be time for the sleeves. You can't get better TV knitting than this.

 Aubade is morning knitting. I can't see in the dark to work on it. I just finished the last row of the next to the last lace section before the border. Now I have 9 easy rows of stock knit.  It's 578 stitches around that sucker so it's still going to take some time.

I made soap at 7 am because I could. No one's going to wander in and ask for coffee. I can make all the mess I want. That's more Blackberry Sage. I loved it but I gave it all away so I made a big loaf this time.

 I did work on the quilt backing again. I decided to use up more of Daddio's stash by making more strips and use the same technique to make a section that I will turn the opposite way.

At least that's the plan. I am so tired from being up all night that my brain can't handle the math on that at the moment but I think it will work. Maybe. I need a nap.


  1. The swirly parts in the soap are so pretty.

    Your Featherweight Cardi really caught my eye. I can't WAIT to see this one finished.

  2. Aubade is gorgeous, but geeze that's a whole lot of stitches. It would take me all day to do one row - lol. Love your featherweight.

  3. Your staycation sounds great -- except for the lack of sleep. I hate feeling sleep-deprived but I often do.I've always had trouble sleeping.
    I want a featherweight! Maybe after I finish Harvest.

  4. You are on Fire! I can't believe all you are getting done. I'm a bit envious. The colors of your featherweight are fantastic.

  5. Next time he takes the pup along! This is YOUR time

  6. You amaze me my friend! I don't know how you get it all done...well, I guess I know now. You don't sleep! Ha! Your knitting is all gorgeous and that soap, oh my. It's beautiful. I wouldn't want to cut it into bars. Have a lovely day and enjoy your staycation.

  7. Hello... I too love TCM all night. Your soap is so great Araignee...Is there book that you started with? Or a blog post that had suggestions?

    1. Soap Queen TV on Youtube plus all her tutorials on her blog. She really is the queen of soap!

  8. Oh, I stay up late (like last night with a restless grandson!) and pay for it the next day! Hope you rest up tonight! Your projects look great!

  9. I would love a staycation all to myself, I am not even sure I could handle alone time, what is that again? I sure would love to give it a try. I don't even get a long weekend this week, nope have to work half a day on Monday.

    Enjoy your time,

  10. I am honestly so jealous of your solo staycation. My stepmother is enjoying one as well while my father is off visiting his sister in Colorado. She told me she hasn't told many about her adventures so she is left alone. ha! I imagine it's her and the dog with Westerns on and the laptop out in the quiet quiet.

    I loathe biting bugs. Sorry about the itchy! The cardigan is coming on really well. I love it especially in gray. Knitting lace in the morning makes SO much sense, but I am shunning lace right now. But the ideas are a brewing.

  11. Your nights sound like mine. I'm always dosing off into my knitting. I have a pretty crazy late night medicine regimen with Levi.